NaPoWriMo 6


Look at her
They judge.
On her phone, the antisocial bitch
She should be acting like a normal person and making small talk on public transport
Like we do
I may be mentally ill but I’m not the kind that finds solace in strangers
I have the privilege of selecting my audience
The privilege of insight and inborn fear and being able to know
That I’m supposed to leave the general public alone
We’re an insular people let’s keep it that way, that’s what their straight-ahead gazes say.
So instead i watch em
Trapped together, still alone
And write notes about em on my phone.


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NaPoWriMo 6

Social Networking

Find me on Instagram as Scabette or on Twitter also as @Scabette or talk to me in the comments. I don’t understand self-promotion on social media. I don’t understand self-promotion in general. It’s like everyone is running around with ‘personal brands’ and personas, joined up social media platforms, a life they project carefully and beautifully online and on stage. I feel like there is some networking thing I missed out on. Am I just not spending enough time on the internet, ‘liking’ peoples’ stuff so they will ‘like’ me back? Why would I do that? Is this whole thing really so vacuous?

I’ve found really amazing blogs and Twitter accounts and Instagrams. But it’s hard to find them, through all the other rubbish. I have no idea how to feel part of it. I feel alienated from the internet just as much as I do from regular life. Online social interaction is almost as stressful for me as real time. This blog is just me sitting in the corner, muttering to myself.

Edit: Since I wrote this post, I figured out some tech skills and added a link to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to the header of this blog. I have no idea if this was a terrible mistake or not…

Social Networking