Not Very Shitty Craft #2: Earring Storage Box

I claim absolutely zero credit for this idea. It all came from a genious Redditor who did a vastly superior job at this project.Thankyou, u/allrattedup. You have genuinely changed my life.

But I tried it out, and didn’t make an absolute balls-up of it. That means that this must be an extremely easy craft idea, and more people should know about it. It’s also incredibly cheap, and actually very useful. It’s coming up for Christmas (I am SO sorry for mentioning that), but if like me you’re planning to spend zero cash of gifts, you should be taking a note of these budget handcrafted/recycled gift ideas.

I have 5 earlobe piercings, so I go through a lot of earrings. Studs are the easiest jewellery to lose. They are small and fiddly, and have even smaller, fiddlier backs to keep track of. There are plenty of hangy thingies to store hoop or hook earrings, but storage for studs is hard to find. You could just chuck them all in a box where they get all tangled and messed up and you can never find a matching pair and the backs all fall off and you don’t know which back goes on which stalk and everything is terrible. Or, you could make a box like this.

How to make a storage box for stud earrings.


Firstly, take one box. It should probably be at least an inch deep inside. I used this cute wooden box with a butterfly on it that my auntie gave me for Christmas.


Second, take a pack of foam bendy rollers. You can find them in the hair & beauty section at Poundland, 99p store, and other extremely cheap and nasty outlets. One pack should be enough, unless you’re making a fucking enormous box for a truly ridiculous earring collection. If that’s the case, I admit only partial jealousy.


Three: dismantle the rollers. They have a wire through the middle of them, but it is easy to remove. Just push off the cap and pull the wire through from the other end.

Four: Now you basically have a bunch of squishy foam tubes. Cut them to the length of your box and squeeze them in. It might be a tight fit but they’re squishy, you’ll manage (hopefully, or you might have to start cutting things in half lengthways and that’s way too complex for me to offer any advice).

So, here is my box of foam tubes. Just poke the earrings inbetween the rollers and the foam holds them in place. The backs stay on, they don’t move around, and you can fit quite a lot of earrings in a pretty small box as well!


Happy crafting, and thank you to u/allrattedup for the inspiration.

Not Very Shitty Craft #2: Earring Storage Box

Shitty Craft In Action: The ULTIMATE Junkie Jewellery

Minimalism is for dead people.
Minimalism is for dead people.

Just to prove that I practice what I preach, this necklace will be forming part of my performance attire. Its history and construction have imbued it with certain powers, and I want them on me.

The rune. I’m not big on runes. I dig tarot, but runes are not my area of expertise. (At one point I will write a post explaining how I can read tarot but also believe in science. I’m not a fuckin hippie. And fuck the ‘New Age’.) Anyway, the rune is Perth or Perthro. The dice cup, source of fate, fated to be on my necklace because it’s the only rune I had with a hole handily bored through it. (Sometimes) free choice is an illusion.

So hey, don’t you think my magic necklace is fun? It’s got all kinds of secret powers and personal meanings, but you’ll never know what they are. The rules of successful magical work are: To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.

Arguably writing a fucking blog boasting about it isn’t keeping particularly silent, but this is more an aesthetic boast. My plastic fantastic irony tat-maximalist look deserves attention.

And yes, that is one of Barbie’s stilettos on there. It’s orange. Matches my lipstick.

Shitty Craft In Action: The ULTIMATE Junkie Jewellery