Hell is neither fire nor brimstone

However much I invest in learning alchemy

or elemental magic,

It isn’t there

Sulphur has its own fire in the soul

Elements make this world

No devils


Hell ain’t other people neither

Though they be a bunch o fuckers


Your who is not a where

you aint aware

of this

and you aint a fire

you int

you int no thing

tho you aint nothing

more the pity



is here

Hell is the heart come barking

cluckin for dope years after the habit

howlin at the moon


hell is you

hell is being yourself

hell is where you are


hell is your useless bastard self

set alone

in the dark

Creepy crawly leggy walkies

Hey, check out this terrifying squid-monster! Oh Hell No!

I have a fear of things with disproportionately long, fragile-looking legs. Daddy longlegs, craneflies and harvestmen send me into shrieking fits. I’m not generally a screaming girl, and indeed, I don’t generally have phobias, but damn no. They creep me out, fill me with a visceral, crawling sense of appalled disgust and horror.

I remember when I discovered that Japanese Spider Crabs existed. I was not overjoyed.

Japanese spider crab
Ugly bastard

Luckily, they are pretty unlikely to ever cross my path, and I sure as hell aren’t going to look for them. Knowing about them, and the freakish squidthing, and many other uglies that I am not linking here because I refuse to even google them, just increase the general sense that there are numerous horrors in the world, waiting. Waiting to crawl on me, with their creepy, ugly legs.

Creepy crawly leggy walkies