It’s a whole new year, and I’m still here

Well. I did it. I’m still alive. Christmas and New Year were actually excellent. I gave people some homemade gifts and cards, and even managed to make Christmas scented candles which burned properly. So, I think I managed to fulfill the promises of my last post. I even managed to not be an asshole, most of the time. I think. Except for that one time. But mostly things were good; we didn’t let our issues get in the way of having a good time.

Christmas was a family thing, spent at home with parents and brother. It’s not too often these days that we spend that amount of time together, so it was really nice. We did the usual festive stuff, eating, drinking, and persuading the drunk parents to play Cards Against Humanity. That was disturbingly hilarious, and my dad is disturbingly good at that game!

Bro, me, fairylights, tree.

After Christmas, I basically slept until New Years Eve, then went to London. I always love seeing my friends down there, and it had been a while since we last got together. I stayed on my lovely boat-buddy’s new boat! We went to a stupidly overpriced hippy-infested all-night gig, because the bands were great and the venue is love. T-Chances in Tottenham is a place where I’ve spent a lot of time, and it’s always good to go back and say hi. It was also good to dance all night and drink fizzy wine in the carpark and sing Auld Lang Syne hand in hand with beloved friends.

Of course, after all that I felt terrible, and I still have a cough because apparently going outside is just too much for my poor feeble body. But hey, it was worth it. As I’ll be going into in my next post, hopefully in 2016 I will become less weak, and maybe even (quelle horreur!) less drunk.



It’s a whole new year, and I’m still here