Pretentious Proposal (for a book now finished)

Would you read this shit?

Words are symbols/signs/sounds which transmit meaning. But my meaning is not your meaning: free association from any given word will gain an infinity of different connections, interpretations like a verbal Rorschach test. The subconscious holds codes expressed in dreams, the verbal visual unique experiential, a spiralling fractal of selves and knowledges which make up the Self. Poetry like a shared hallucination, a shared dream to transmit an idea from I to Thou and see what happens to it in the void between us.

I draw from my own life, lives and experiences of those around me. Leading upwards to the shifting shipwreck sensation of living in a world where humanity is destroyed by money, powers conspire; the lexicon is manipulated for propaganda, and WWIII looms. How does an individual survive in a society like this?

In terms of form I wish to experiment with different ways of presenting poetry, both written and performed, playing with visual and audio elements, moving beyond the expectation of poetry as black words typed on white page. I wish to explore the performative aspect of poetry and the chance and uncertainty created by it.

Influences include Rimbaud, Bukowski (confessional poetry which has reached a wide popular audience), R.D. Laing (human relations), Dorianne Laux, A. Gibson, Antonin Artaud, Jung (collective subconscious), Lacan (psychoanalysis and language), Camus, Tchicaya U Tam’si (for his sequence ‘Le Ventre’ in which the poems are closely interrelated and are brought together in synthesis in the final poem), Selima Hill (surreal yet vividly evocative and relatable imagery), Katie Paterson’s work Earth-Moon-Earth (lost signal in transmission and the meaning of silences).

I wrote this fucking book, you see. For uni. And now I’m revisiting. The past will eat us all, if we only let it.

Pretentious Proposal (for a book now finished)