Sexy Saturday

Yes, I know it’s Monday. But I want to write about Saturday. Saturday was a good day. Though it wasn’t especially sexy, aside from my presence. Every day is sexy if I’m in it.

It was another shoot for the No Surrender video (read about the first one here), this time for the part of the story featuring only me. Aaah, attention. I drink it in like nectar. Everyone looking at me. Me, my mask, and my Emotions. Ha! Who am I kidding? I’m already terrified (as well as incredibly excited) about this being released to the world.

Carl, Brent and Jay of Evil Unicorn are indeed highly professional, and there were no technical problems or inappropriate comments at all. There was nice coffee though. Acting pro tip: When filming sleep scenes in a bed surrounded by men, defuse the awkwardness with innuendo. Also, always end the day with a drink or seven to release pent-up emotion. (And to warm up after filming the outdoor scenes.)

This filming made me really tired, because 10am-5pm is a really long workday by my standards. How do people live in real jobs? Is there something wrong with me? Even at school, back in the day, I’d end up in a state of constant tiredness. Is everyone is the world just really tired, all the time? Is that why everything’s a bit shit? You know, I might have hit on a truth about Capitalism here. But I digress.

My brother randomly popped round for a drink  night, which was surprising as he lives all the way up in Cumbria. I was well happy to see him though. This was the first time he’d met Chris as My Boyfriend, and seen where we live. Oh, and he showed us a cartoon with Nazi dinosaurs. Netflix may now become a part of my life. Goodbye, any remaining illusion of productivity!

Sexy Saturday

Don’t Let #piggate Distract You Too Much: The Tories Are Still Fucking Us

Just to make things less fun, the truth is that politics is ridiculous and we’re all basically doomed. Capitalism has run rampant, and braying poshos and sociopathic financiers are firmly in the driving seat. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is coming true, our leaders are financially illiterate, (and the whole concept of finance is also based on lies). Dystopia looms, as usual. The way things are going, the best we can hope is that the human race dies out before we destroy the rest of the planet as well.

I was going to use this post to ennumerate the many reasons to hate the Tories and the political system as a whole. But what’s the point? Everyone knows that disabled people are dying, gender equality is being set back, and of course a lot of people don’t have anywhere to fucking live.

Parliamentary democracy won’t ever change shit. Even the pretty weak appearance of Jeremy Corbyn, heading a Labour Party that is still mainly centre left/neoliberal has caused  the apparent threat of a military coup on top of rabid media attacks. In the Times today, it was claimed that the left wing are literally fascists, due to the influence of ‘deracinated Jew’ Karl Marx. I couldn’t make this weirdness up. If you step outside the bounds of corporate respectability (and by respectability, I mean giving them as much money as possible) then you will be taken down.

The massive inequalities in the system make true democracy impossible in its current state. However, this fact seems to have led to a total loss of energy to do anything. There must be a way to oppose the Tories, without also endorsing their power-hungry rivals or the faux-democracy of Parliament. We have to work out a sustainable way to live. Abolish the political class, power hierarchies and material inequalities. Then we’ll have a real chance of a future.

Don’t Let #piggate Distract You Too Much: The Tories Are Still Fucking Us