Don’t Jynx It

I’m pretty happy. Things seem to be going well. There has been change and sadness, the end of a long partnership. There was no drama, just a point of sorrow from which we could not salvage each other. Things had been sad for a long time. I hope people don’t think me heartless. It hurts. A part of me is gone. An era of my life, 5 whole years, is over. This is the first really amicable break up I’ve ever had. It’s a lot more painful without the balm of righteous anger.

Endings lead to beginnings and I’ve made a new start: I fell in love and he’s amazing. I never planned this. I planned the opposite, a year of being single and working on my mental health. I guess the universe likes to surprise us. We’ve been having some amazing adventures. I think he’s good for me. I hope we’re good for each other.

I’m happy and it’s like standing on a clifftop while the wind gusts through your hair. It’s exhilarating and amazing. It makes your heart beat faster. It’s a fucking long way down. Don’t jynx it.


Don’t Jynx It

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