Social Networking

Find me on Instagram as Scabette or on Twitter also as @Scabette or talk to me in the comments. I don’t understand self-promotion on social media. I don’t understand self-promotion in general. It’s like everyone is running around with ‘personal brands’ and personas, joined up social media platforms, a life they project carefully and beautifully online and on stage. I feel like there is some networking thing I missed out on. Am I just not spending enough time on the internet, ‘liking’ peoples’ stuff so they will ‘like’ me back? Why would I do that? Is this whole thing really so vacuous?

I’ve found really amazing blogs and Twitter accounts and Instagrams. But it’s hard to find them, through all the other rubbish. I have no idea how to feel part of it. I feel alienated from the internet just as much as I do from regular life. Online social interaction is almost as stressful for me as real time. This blog is just me sitting in the corner, muttering to myself.

Edit: Since I wrote this post, I figured out some tech skills and added a link to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to the header of this blog. I have no idea if this was a terrible mistake or not…

Social Networking

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