Begging for £££ (for a good cause) (ie. not for me)

This is a transparent begging post. Please sponsor my CHALLENGE CANCER FIREWALK!

Starting tomorrow is Challenge Cancer Week. Today, I found out that my friend’s cancer has recurred and is now inoperable. The sad thing is that this is nothing unusual, it is more unusual NOT to know someone affected by cancer. Why is this? Is modern life toxic? Is our DNA just not up to scratch? Are we still just smoking way too much? Is it an unfortunate side effect of living longer lives?

And what do we do? There are plenty of charities researching the big questions and cures, but I’m raising money for a local charity that provides practical emotional and financial support to people with cancer. Stuff like money for a babysitter while a parent attends chemo sessions, grants to buy mobility aids and hire home help. Because while they try and find a cure, there are hundreds of thousands of people living with cancer, living through treatment, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for many years. And they need help. Especially as the NHS and Health and Social Care budgets come under increasing strain, and sickness benefits are maladministered and often denied to those who need them, people will more often have to rely on charity to get through the hardest times of their lives.

After a week of fundraising and educational activites, the finale will be the Firewalk. And I am one of the Firewalk Fifty. If fifty people raise £50 each, that will be £2500. And I bet some people raise a lot more than £50. There’s a DJ from Radio Derby coming, I bet he can raise a lot more. And all this will help support people in Derby areas, who are living with cancer. I might burn my feet, but it’s for a good cause.

Please donate here.

Begging for £££ (for a good cause) (ie. not for me)

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