Great Things That I Am Definitely Planning To Do

Get Fit

  • Buy a bike, use it to travel instead of bus/car
  • Train up for half marathon next July
  • By doing 5k then 10k runs
  • Stop eating sugar literally all the time seriously stop it you’re not five and your teeth are going to rot out of your skull.
  • Keep on not smoking


  • Enter all the free poetry competitions
  • Polish and submit to magazines poems and short stories I already have
  • Write more stuff?
  • Keep blogging
  • Get some work experience/do some journalism/something something professional writer.
  • Do NaNoWriMo in November, and NaPoWriMo in April. Actually finish.
  • Daily freewriting
  • Daily journal keeping. Or at least nearly daily.


  • Volunteer with the Wildlife Trust to go ripping up invasive plants. I want to smash some evil plants.
  • Get in touch with local groups and see what I can do…

Other Stuff

  • Regain/improve German language skills. Shame to waste all my linguistic knowledge.
  • Get a really part time job, like 8 hours. And/or work experience. Gotta sample the world of work to see if it’s as good/awful as people say.
  • All the therapy next year. A proper course of DBT
  • Paint some stuff
  • Go to the dentist (This may take some time. It’s been a couple of years since I last went, and I wasn’t kidding about teeth rotting out of my skull.)

Check back in 6 months and see if I’ve done anything! (Note: don’t expect me to have done anything.)

Great Things That I Am Definitely Planning To Do

3 thoughts on “Great Things That I Am Definitely Planning To Do

  1. […] I last made a set of goals in September. Of those goals, all I’ve managed to do is the dentist one. I got 4 fillings but think I need to go back because the most recent filling hurts. The pain has actually kept me awake a couple of nights. Oh, I also got a bike, because Daddy bought it for me. I rode some, but I admit that my lack of fitness and lack of road confidence have led to me not doing as much as I ought to. Also it has rained for the last 6 weeks so I refuse to go outside. […]


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